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This is closed type forum and one of the best closed forums in the world. In this forum you can see fixed and insider matches. We providing profitable betting tips on different sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, handball, volleyball ect.

We have a first-hand information and guarantee you a high rate of success. Our secret of success based on three core attributes: experience, information and knowledge. Allow this core attributes be useful for you.

In the forum is allow to have max 20 member. We are 9 tipsters and others 11 place are for people who want to invest their money in sports-betting without spending time for searching and analyzing news, information and league statistics. If you want to be a part of this forum you can pay a membership for just 300euros per month.

We have a special offer i.e. there are two things which make us different form another forums and web-site.

First of all, in our forum the profit is guaranteed. That means that, in a case of a series of wrong tips i.e. if you don’t made a profit in a current month, membership for the next month is free.

At the moment we have only one way to subscription: Western Union

Who is interest, contackt on e-mail:


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